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Do you know what your dog is eating?

You will, when you feed them Tricks Bits by Uneek. Made from 100% Organic high-protein grain and developed with a Certified Dog Trainer, Deborah Rosen of Good Citizen Canine.

Deborah took our great ingredients and developed a soft training treat that is the ultimate in high value.

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Do you know what your dog is wearing?

Our Uneek Organic Fur Shampoo and Uneek Organic Fur Spray are a spa in a recyclable bottle for your dog.

Our shampoo has a nice gentle citrus aroma, great skin and coat properties and best of all, it lathers well and rinses quick. You can cut bath time in half and your dog will not only love you for that but will reward you by sporting a soft, shiny and clean coat.

We use only the finest ingredients available and just enough to do the job to perfection.

We also offer our Uneek Laundry Deodorizer you add to your regular wash with you soap and Uneek Spot Remover. Our natural plant-based deodorant won't harm our streams or marine life but it will get rid of those pesky odors and stains.

One of our favorite items to offer is our Uneek Window Wipes. Once you use them, you will never be without them. They recycle right into your yard waste bin and will end up as compost to help enrich the soil for sustainable living and consumption.

Not to mention, all of those doggy nose prints are a thing of the past!




  soft treat parsley soft treat pbj soft treat banana carob

Soft Training Treats Parsley Chicken 8 oz

$7.99 Soft Training Treats PB&J 8 oz $7.99 Soft Training Treats Banana Carob 8 oz $7.99
Coming Soon Parsley Chicken ingredients. Coming Soon PB&J ingredients. Coming Soon Banana Carob ingredients.
Fur Shampoo organic fur spray laundry deodorizer

ORGANIC Conditioning Fur Shampoo 12 oz

ORGANIC Conditioning Fur Spray 8 oz
$15.99 NATURAL Laundry Deodorizer 12 oz $9.99
spot remover window wipes charlie bar flea
NATURAL Spot Remover 8 oz $8.99 Window Wipes 15 count $5.99

Uneek Charlie Bar Flea
Handmad Soap-On-A-Rope

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