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Uneek Tricks Bits are 100% Organic, hand-crafted soft training treats in three tasty flavors Parsely Chicken, Banana Carob and PB&J.

Our treats use ingredients designed to digest quickly and easily and we use only the finest growers in the world. There are no ingredients from China.

Our treats are made with Kamut grain the foundation for a complete nutritional bite. The ingredients that make up Uneek Treats all play a vital role in helping the body receive the nutrition it needs to be healthy.

It is our goal to never use more than absolutely necessary and to only use the best.

Like us, dogs can suffer from poor nutrition and harmful chemicals used to make their food. Added fillers and empty carbs lead dogs to be over-fed and take in more calories than they expend.

"The busier our lifestyle, the less we have time to play and playing for dogs is some of their best exercise," says Deborah.

Let's both get into play with good healthy small rewards for fun loving tricks!

Uneek doesn't just believe that what you feed them is healthier but how you feed them is healthier too!

Special thank you to Willow for taking our bakery pictures!


mixed dough

Our dough...

hand crafting...

waiting to be baked...








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